The boundaries for Medicare Locals and Local Hospital Networks have now been agreed through a process of community and government consultation.

The maps for Medicare Local and Local Hospital Network boundaries are now available.

View the Medicare Local boundaries

The Federal Government has said that Medicare Locals and Local Hospital Networks will mean Australians will benefit from access to better coordinated health care and more efficient use of resources and will find it easier to navigate between service providers and health services.

A total of 42 Medicare Local boundaries have been agreed across all states and territories with the exception of Victoria. The Commonwealth has extended the time for the resolution of the boundaries with the new Victorian Government until the end of January. The first group of Medicare Locals and their associated branch offices will begin operating in mid 2011, with the remainder starting in mid 2012. Medicare Local boundaries were developed following consultations with the states and territories and consideration of approximately 120 submissions from the health sector and the wider community.